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For centuries, a peace treaty between the Black World and the world of humans has been maintained to ensure relative harmony.

Both sides of the continuum are protected by an organization of secret agents called the Black Guard, specifically from a group of radicalized members of the Black World.

In 1995, Manga Video released in Australia a bundle VHS consisting of Wicked City and Monster City, this version containing the Streamline dub.

In 1997 when Madman Entertainment was named distributor for Manga in Australia, the Streamline dub was released on a single tape, and the Manga UK version was phased out.

A censored version of the film was distributed by Manga Entertainment in the UK with a different dub.

Both the Streamline and Manga UK dubs were released in Australia, with the Manga UK dub being released on VHS in 1994.

A succubus attempts to seduce Taki, asking him if he ever copulated with Makie, but he kills her and the Radicals violating Makie, and wounds Shadow.

Writing under the pseudonym "Kisei Choo", Kawajiri's original draft of the screenplay began with Makie's saving of Taki from two demons at Narita, and ended with Taki's first battle with Mr. After Japan Home Video were shown the first 15 minutes of completed animation, they were impressed enough with Kawajiri's work that the runtime was extended to 80 minutes.Renzaburō Taki, a salaryman electrical goods salesman by day, and a Black Guard agent when needed, has casual sex with Kanako, a young woman who he has been meeting at a local bar for three months.Kanako reveals herself to be a doppelgänger from the Black World Radicals, and escapes with a sample of Taki's semen.is a 1987 Japanese OVA neo-noir horror film produced by Video Art and Madhouse for Japan Home Video.Based on Black Guard, the first in a series of six novels of the same name by Hideyuki Kikuchi, the film is the solo directorial debut of Yoshiaki Kawajiri, who also served as the screenwriter (attributed to a pseudonym), character designer, storyboard artist, animation director and a key animator.

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