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In Silicon Valley, golf, private clubs and classmate connections from Stanford and Berkeley - and even high school - have contributed to this imbalance.

My tally below shows that China-based venture firms have 13 women venture partners while U.

S.-based offices have 16 female venture investment partners, including junior partners. See my post at Women at China VC firms rule Though traveling at 186 miles per hour, it's a bit like floating.

With a few notable exceptions, most venture firms in the U. You can barely feel the train moving, though the rapidly changing scenery outside the window is one sign that the train is speeding ahead.

as well as a good relationship with the system of libraries throughout the country.

Our main profile …and many other titles which are being licensed and under negotiation with other publishers and literary agencies around the world.

It has books published outside of Vietnam (written by overseas Vietnamese) as well as some publications from Vietnam, but availability for many selections is iffy (a lot of “Currently unavailable”…) and the prices tend to be much more expensive than you can get from the Vietnamese sites.

All the focus on the Ellen Pao lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins for sexual discrimination aside, it's fair to say that women fare better at venture capital firms in China than those on Sand Hill Road.

For anyone making a China trek soon, be sure you try out China's newest high-speed train. Venture Beat You might guess that 'Silicon Dragon' is playing an edit role with KPMG's new Tech Innovation Center. China ED maker Lattice Power scales up mass production to offer low-cost alternative to standard light bulb.

It surely beats flying, and takes about the same amount of time once you factor in security checks and getting to/from the airport. Lattice Power was one of the statups featured in my first book, Silicon Dragon.

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