Seattle university dating scene

Most people in the area are married and the dating scene is geared to older divorcees.

Just check the local meetup groups to verify this scenario.

I know, because I hang out at the various coffeeshops time to time.

Very few people you see are actually single, young professionals or just single and young , period, especially females.

This of course being because so many men will be interested in them online, whereas they wouldn't get the attention in real life.

I encourage those people who have time on their hands and really want a date in Seattle to indeed stop kvetching and get involved in groups, activities and make a hard effort.

Tacoma is a great place for a family, assuming you live out of the dingier South and East ends of the city. There is a growing number of the upper 20's/early 30's age bracket of singles here, but unfortunately for me I prefer early 20's.

Well, Olympia's abundance of females could be explained by the government jobs (not just legislative support but public assistance agencies, environmental, etc.). There seems to be a bizarre gap here in that the age between college graduation and 26 years old (so around 22-26) is nonexistent in Seattle.

I found that there was more single girls floating around Olympia than Tacoma. Coffeeshops will only have high school or college students and blue collar male workers.

This is why I don't have faith in all those silly pop statistics lists that rank Seattle as the best place for college grads.

And when you do come across a pool of people in their lower 20's, the pickings are obviously slim.

Tacoma is a great place for a family, assuming you live out of the dingier South and East ends of the city.

Considering I work a 12 hour day job, most days of the week and that I live over 30 min from Seattle and refuse to use online dating, I Think my prospects are pretty slim to finding a date in Puget Sound for now.

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