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Plot holes can come in many forms: Plot holes are thus contradictions in the fictional universe of a story.

Even unrealistic, fantastical stories can suffer when plot holes arise, as audiences are willing to suspend disbelief as long as the story makes sense within its own rules and consistency.

Maffei reached out to Pandora’s board late last year, according to a report at the time, sparking a 20 percent run-up in the streaming radio player’s shares, to .85.

Plot Holes are those gaps in a story where things happen without a logical reason.

Gregory Maffei, chairman of Sirius XM, has told some shareholders this week that the satellite radio company is still interested in buying Pandora, The Post has learned.

“Sirius would look at [Pandora] at the right price,” said a source familiar with conversations.

When a Plot Hole involves something essential to a story's outcome, it can hurt the believability, for those who are bothered by such things.

Hitting a Plot Hole at high speed can damage your Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

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