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All five decide to take turns in jerking him off while Tammi is curious to see what will happen when she reveal her beautiful breasts.

The answer comes soon enough as cums Jody all over the desk…

In the next few minutes Theo strokes him to an explosive orgasm under encouragement of her friends…

Neil gives girls a manual and asks them both to read it loud so they could remember the rules.

Wendy leaves and two of them stay alone, as Jan ‘accidentally’ spills her drink on his pants.

She tells Nick to take them off so she could clean them and removes his trousers and underwear off herself.

With three women stroking his cock it doesn’t take Peter long to reach a huge orgasm all over the office desk.

Female boss Renee is satisfied with his performance and lets him stay for now…

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Beautiful couple Theo and Justin breaks up after cheating on each other.

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