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Consider it costs for 1-6 people in a car, versus per adult, per child for a bus tour.Stops on the tour are typically at monuments that mark important points of the battle or statues honoring Confederate and Union Civil War generals.

Having our own Battlefield Guide give us a tour in our car was a blessing in more ways than one.On November 18, 1863, the night before the dedication of the Soldier’s National Cemetery, the Gettysburg Hotel was so full that people were sleeping in the lobbies and the barroom as every hotel in town was filled to capacity.Fortunately, they had room for us that night, as it was where we had planned to lay our heads.We drove to Lincoln Square, which is actually a circle, and made note of David Will’s house where President Lincoln spent the night and finished writing the Gettysburg Address the night before he delivered it.Also in Lincoln Square is the Gettysburg Hotel where after the war, the Sisters of Charity nursed wounded soldiers in the parlors of the hotel.

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