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In World and Continental Championships not only the total results but also the individual lifts are honoured with medals.The organization’s new name is "Fédération Haltérophile International", in short FHI.New categories are introduced: 56 kg - Bantamweight, 60 kg - Featherweight, 67.5 kg - Lightweight, 75 kg - Middleweight, 82.5 kg - Lightheavyweight, 90 kg – Middleheavyweight and over 90 kg - Heavyweight.28th February, Buenos Aires: Foundation of the “Pan-American Weightlifting Federation”.New categories are valid: for men 56-62-69-77-85-94-105-over 105 kg, for women: 48-53-58-63-69-75-over 75 kg.

The organization’s new name is “Fédération Internationale Haltérophile et Culturiste", in short FIHC.

4th March, IWF Congress, Istanbul: With effect of 1st May, the weight of the barbell must always be a multiple of 1.0 kg.

A World Record is only valid if it exceeds the previous one (individual lift or total) by 1.0 kg.

It was unanimously agreed that any lifter caught in Los Angeles at the Olympic Games on the use of doping should be suspended for life.

27th July, IWF Congress, Los Angeles: For the team classification 16-14-13-12-11-10-9- 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points are distributed for the 1st to 15th place.

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The first “Barbell-Summit” with the companies manufacturing the weightlifting barbells took place.

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