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Its 8,000,000-person membership in 1991 nearly covered the world and only half (4,336,000) lived in the United States.

Of the one million converts in 19, 60 percent of them were from Mexico and Central and South America.

One of the first groups went to share the Book of Mormon with the Native Americans.

When there were more Mormons in Ohio than in New York, Smith received a revelation that the church should move west.

Those sent to England were very successful, and soon immigrants from there as well as Canada and other areas of the United States arrived and helped establish what became the second largest city in Illinois. Historians do not know when Smith received this revelation; there is some evidence that he married his first plural wife, Fanny Alger, in 1831.

From his New York base, Smith sent his followers out to seek converts; the majority of growth during this period occurred in Ohio.

Canadian anthropologist Keith Parry, however, contends that Mormons have a distinctive lifestyle and language that set them apart from mainstream America.

Much of the Mormon identity comes from its history.

Scholars disagree on whether Mormons, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), can rightly be considered an ethnic group.

Using survey results, sociologist Armand Mauss shows that Mormons are typical Americans.

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